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Iisalmi Youth Aid - Helping youth since 1974

Iisalmi Youth Aid r.a. (IYA) is a politically and religiously independent NGO founded in 1974 to support and to promote the wellbeing of youth.

IYA gives participants a chance to improve their quality of life. It is meant especially for people who are excluded or in danger to become excluded from the society.

Values of Iisalmi Youth Aid

  • Equality
  • Charity
  • Everybody is entitled to a second chance…
  • Not for people, but with the people…
  • Respect one another
  • Community 
  • Everyone has the right to participate in a community with resources they have

Forms of activities

Iisalmen Kehypaja workshop

Work training + Individual training

Rental housing for young and adult people ( 26 apartments ). Ecological aspects have been taken into the consideration in construction. Inhabitants involved in the maintenance of houses, for example by heating.

Start training

Start training is meant for those, who may have difficulties in everyday life. It is also a place for those, who don't have any specific plans for their future. In start training youngsters can find their path to the future (education, work, rehabilitation ect.). Start Training is a project of European Social Fund.

Outreach work
Outreach work is based on a multifunctional and professional networking. Workers seek to act as links between services, which are used by young people.

The primary objective is to help the youth who are outside education and labor market and to lead them to services they need. It also focuses to find solutions with the young person for everyday problems. Work is based on confidential customer contact and it doesnt include any kind of obligations.

Iisalmi Youth Aid
Iisalmen Kehypaja
Kivirannatie 32
74130 Iisalmi

tel. 010 2311 311

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